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Starting XI against Columbus Crew (8/27)

Starting XI against Columbus Crew (8/27)



"We know they’re a tough team and I think we did our job. We played very focused in that game. We were at home and nobody can take points from our home." - Mauro Rosales, SSFC midfielder

(Steve Dykes)

"We have many options, that’s why we score these kinds of goals. Today we have six. We have many more chances. When we have the chances, that’s something we have to do, try to score as many goals as we can. I think we’re working very hard and we’re having a good time." - Mauro Rosales, SSFC midfielder

(SoundersFC, Steve Dykes, Jane Gershovich, ECS)

Lamar Neagle is up for MLS Goal of the Week for his second and third goals against the Columbus Crew this past weekend. If you have a spare moment, be sure to cast your vote for him! Vote here!

Cast your ballot today for your favorite goal of Week 24! The winner is determined by the total number of votes cast online and via text and is announced on Fridays.

Vote online or text goal code to 22442.

Voting runs from 12 pm ET on Mondays until 11:59 pm PT on Thursdays.



Official CLink attendance against the Columbus Crew : 36,364


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